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You did it! It was a lot, I know. But my hope is that you not only have a beautiful and delicious set of cookies to show off to family & friends, but also some new confidence to tackle bigger and even more challenging cookie writing projects. So, what do we now know? How to …

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Piping Your Letters

Once your base icing has dried and your text has been transferred to your cookie’s surface, you can begin piping! When piping the basic outlines of your letters, you always want to use “piping consistency” icing.  The piping consistency that I recommend is a little looser than what some other people might use.  It’s not …

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Transfer Methods

It’s been a long road to get here, but it’s finally time to break out those cookies! There are a number of different transfer methods for copying text to your cookie so that you can outline it with royal icing.  These methods can be divided into two main categories:  “Transfer by Projector” or “Transfer by …

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Font Management

So you’ve found the perfect font. You’ve purchased and/or downloaded it and you want to put it to work. But how? Below are a few quick and easy tutorials on how to manage and install fonts on your different devices. PC (Windows OS) https://vimeo.com/455110178/7bfb891b0b MAC https://vimeo.com/457319906/8f0f80e017 iOS *Sorry that I will not be covering Android …

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Editing Your Fonts

There are a number of programs and applications that you can use to edit, resize, and appropriately position your text before transferring it to your cookie. Computer Programs There are a wide range of paid and free text editing programs that you can use on your personal computer.  Even a basic word-processing program could do …

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Searching for Fonts

Now that we’ve covered the basics of typography, we can get down to the business of picking out fonts for a project. There are SO many fonts to choose from! It can sometimes make your head spin. But hopefully this bit of guidance will help to better direct your font searches and ultimately limit your …

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Key Concepts

So, you’ve picked out some fonts to use in your design but you still need to make a few edits in order to size and arrange your fonts appropriately before you load your message onto a projector or print it out as a template for your cookie design. Before you edit your fonts in any …

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Combining Fonts

When combining fonts, always keep in mind that LESS IS MORE! Try to limit yourself to one or two fonts per design.  Perhaps you might choose one main, high-impact font plus a minimal supporting font.  Too many different fonts are often overwhelming to the viewer and you risk your message getting lost amidst a messy …

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Font Meanings

Though I may be stating the obvious here, it’s important to remember that different font styles can convey different meanings.  Each font can have its own inherent mood and purpose.  Here are just a few examples of the kind of meaning and mood that can be conveyed with a given font style: And there are …

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