Thank You!

We are so incredibly grateful to you for seeking out our guidance and joining us for this course! Thank you so much for being here. We hope you enjoyed yourself! Please check back for more classes in the future! -Bonnie & Eileen

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Hand-cutting Your Dough

For those of you who do not have access to a 3D printer in your home or local library, not to worry!  Hand-cutting the shapes for this class is still an easy (and affordable) alternative. We’re providing you with a printable template for the cookies we’ll be hand-cutting in this course.  If you have a

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Step-by-Step Guidebook

Below is the full Step-by-Step Guidebook for this cookie set. It includes all of the designs in one place. But be sure to visit the lessons for each individual cookie as well since they each include a video to help make the process much clearer. The videos will be particularly helpful in showing you how

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Color Guidance

The gorgeous color set for this class was dreamt up by Bonnie of “Yellow Bowl Bakery”.  It was inspired by the rich colors of autumn, which felt like the perfect fit for this non-traditional Halloween collection. Below is a full “Color Mixing Guide” for replicating the exact colors used in this set.  You are welcome

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