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Class Video (Full Length)

Below is the full-length video for this class.  In it, I talk you through the process for decorating this full set of cookies from beginning to end.  This video is sped-up in some places for efficiency but is nevertheless 2+ hours in length.  It is intended to illustrate how I manage the decorating process for …

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All Printable Materials

For ease of printing, we’ve collected all printable materials from each of the previous lessons in one convenient location. Click on the “Materials” tab above to access them.


Congratulations!  You made it through!  I know there was quite a lot to cover with this set.  That said, I’m hoping that this class gave you much more than just a gorgeous (and yummy) set of cookies to gift your Valentine.  It’s always my aim to impart as much knowledge as possible so that you …

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Step-by-Step Guidebook

Below is the full Step-by-Step Guidebook for this cookie set. It includes all of the designs in one place. You can also visit the lessons for each individual cookie if you’re looking to decorate just one cookie at a time.  These lessons will also include a sped-up video specific to that cookie to help make …

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