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You did it! It was a lot, I know. But my hope is that you not only have a beautiful and delicious set of cookies to show off to family & friends, but also some new confidence to tackle bigger and even more challenging cookie projects. So, what do we now know? How to make …

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https://vimeo.com/434030754/b9eec5cf7b Music by www.bensound.com A note before you start:  If you do not have a projector and wish to use a paper template to transfer reference points to your cookie (as shown in the video), the red dots marked on the lighthouse template will be the points that you need to “poke and mark”.


https://vimeo.com/433787494/6821f20567 Music by www.bensound.com

Tote Bag

https://vimeo.com/433453816/236c131a72 Music by www.bensound.com

Espadrille Shoe

https://vimeo.com/433352003/91b94c1165 Music by www.bensound.com

Swimsuit Top

https://vimeo.com/433245795/583ec2e4db Music by www.bensound.com

Step-by-Step Guidebook

Shall we get to work decorating our “Summer at Sea” cookies? Below is the full Step-by-Step Guidebook for this entire cookie set. It includes all of the designs in one place. But be sure to visit the lessons for each individual cookie as well since they each include a video to help make the process …

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Royal Icing Transfers

In some cookie projects, you may find yourself recreating the same royal icing details over and over again.  From a production standpoint, it’s sometimes easier to tackle these little details in advance, and all at once.  That’s where royal icing transfers come in… Royal icing transfers are icing details that are made ahead of time …

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