Class Overview

Welcome to “Adventures in Lettering”!

Maybe you’re new to cookies and would love to add lettering to your growing list of skills. Or, perhaps you’ve been working with royal icing for a while but cookie writing is still causing you headaches. No matter your experience, this class will offer you a wealth of information and guidance to improve your writing skills!

This series of guides and how-to videos will walk you through the steps for making and decorating your own set of adventure-inspired cookies with a heavy focus on the process of adding typography to your final product. We’ll cover the essential concepts of typography, font-selection, transfer methods, piping methods, and much, much more!

Be sure to utilize the PDF guides as they will be essential supplements to your work. Printable versions of each PDF can be found in the “Materials” tab of the relevant lesson or all in one place (for ease of printing) in the “Appendix” at the very bottom of the table of contents.

Bear in mind, decorating with royal icing can be a LONG (and sometimes tedious) process. This should not be done all in one day. So take your time with it and try to enjoy the process. With lots of practice the rewards are great!

Let’s get started!