Cookie Decorating Supplies

Before we can get started with the fun stuff, let’s make sure we have everything we need.

First, review the recipes supplied for this class to make sure your pantry is stocked with the basics (flour, sugar, butter, etc.) Beyond that, there are a few additional supplies we’ll need.

The Essentials

  • Meringue Powder
  • Tipless Piping Bags
  • Gel Food Coloring   (If you wish to replicate the exact colors of this class, I recommend Option 1.  But, to save money, you can simply use the 4 basic colors of Option 2)
    • Option 1 – Americolor Soft Gel Paste (** = contained in “Americolor Student Kit #2“)
      • Peach **
      • Dusty Rose **
      • Ivory **
      • Mint Green **
      • Red Red **
      • Egg Yellow **
      • Forest Green **
      • Bright White**
      • Wedgewood
    • Option 2 – Generic brand gels
      • Red
      • Green
      • Blue
      • Yellow
  • An edible ink marker (felt-tip BLACK is preferred)
  • A scribe tool (or pointy toothpick)
  • A PenBlade or sharp paring knife if you plan to hand-cut your cookies
  • Sharp scissors
  • A rolling pin (ideally with thickness guides)
  • A rubber/silicone spatula to mix icing
  • Access to a printer to print templates

For your convenience, I’ve compiled this supply list on my Amazon storefront.  Head on over if there’s anything you’re missing!  If you plan to buy a number of Americolor gels, check the Americolor website.  The gels are much cheaper than on Amazon but the shipping costs can add up.  So just check the math as to which works out as the best deal for you.


Cookie Cutters

In this class, as always, cookie shape templates are offered so that everyone is able to hand-cut their shapes without needing to purchase cutters.  But for those of you who would prefer to use cutters, Sugar Rex will be offering these 5 shapes as a bundle!  Cutters can be purchased HERE  (*Shipping only available to U.S. Residents)

If you have a 3D printer at home, STL files are also available for purchase HERE

If you wish to utilize the templates provided to hand-cut your shapes, you’ll first need to print your templates and cut around the outline of each shape. You can then place the cut-out paper on your dough and use a PenBlade or sharp paring knife for hand-cutting the shapes.